To ensure the effective functioning of the management system, you need to be confident in fulfilling the requirements of the consumer providers. Audit suppliers for compliance with the requirements of the consumer and management systems is one of the core of our services.

We conduct supplier audits for compliance with customer requirements and the following management systems:

  • The quality management system (ISO 9001);
  • Management system of occupational safety and health (OHSAS 18001);
  • Environmental management system (ISO 14001);
  • The system of food safety management (ISO 22000).

In the implementation of supplier audit (second party audit) verifies the documentation governing the relevant processes, and verification of actual performance of processes in their organization.

The result of the supplier audit is a report containing:

  • The data about the revealed discrepancies;
  • Corrective actions;
  • The results of the risk assessment of the supplier;
  • Overall rating of the supplier.

Timely evaluation of the vendor will help Your company to avoid possible losses.

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