Certification of management systems

Сертификация систем менеджмента РОСТ

Certification of management systems – is the process of confirming the degree of compliance of the management company meet the requirements of selected standard.

Certification of management systems is carried out by independent competent auditors with the necessary experience and training to conduct audits for compliance verifiable standards and competence in activities of the audited entity.

Certification of the company is conducted in the following stages:

  1. Rediness fadit
  2. Certification audit
  3. Observation audit
  4. Re-Сertifiсation audit

Rediness audit

Is conducted to determine the readiness of an organization for certification and commitment of its leadership to the principles of quality management. Verified by a set of key requirements for the organizational structure, procedures, processes and resources management system .

The organization should provide the group supervisor the set of valid documents, describing the management system. Documentation review is performed to determine the adequacy (i.e. completeness, relevance, relationships, absence of internal contradictions) to the document management system with the requirements of the standard.

The audit readiness group leader prepares a Report with recommendations for management system certification and showing it to all areas of concern and observations, as well as the draft plan certification audit. Work on the first phase of the certification process are performed in the Central office of the audited entity and the selected operational sites.

Certification audit

The certification review shall be conducted no later than six months after the completion of audit readiness.

The purpose of validation is: the definition of the compliance management system of the organization, its processes and workplaces all applicable the requirements of the standard and its own internal documents the organization, assessment of management system performance and its ability to achieve the set objectives in the implementation of policies, assessment of the extent to which the organization’s statutory and other regulatory requirements related to products.

Work on the second stage are carried out in administrative buildings and production sites of the organization.

Certification audit consists of the following steps:

  1. Introductory meeting presentation of the group of auditors and experts, presentation of the Programme and assurance Plan, a summary of the methods and procedures that will be used when conducting testing and recording inconsistencies, the answers to the questions.
  2. Verification of compliance to specific jobs Directly the validation process is the work of the group auditors and experts to collect objective evidence through observation of working conditions, implementation of management processes and ensure that working conditions in the audited areas of the Organization, survey, study of documents and records for further analysis and evaluation.
  3. Meeting of the group of auditors, the results of the inspection Before the final meeting, the group auditors and experts is going to design validation results.
  4. The final meeting. The purpose of the closing meeting is for the group of auditors and experts of the conclusions by results of check of management system of the organization with the conclusion about recognition of its compliance with the requirements of the standard.

Registration and certificate of conformity are performed after elimination of deficiencies identified during the certification audit. It is given to the organization not more than three months.

A certificate of compliance is valid for three years subject to confirmation during the inspection.

Observation audit

The purpose of Observation audits is to establish the fact of maintaining the organization of the management system in the operating state, the execution of the continuous improvement, evaluation of effectiveness of the system of management and determination of compliance to declared standards and with the requirements of the management system .

Supervisory audits are performed at least once a year (in special cases may be subject to special Supervisory review). The first review shall be conducted not later than 12 months after the last day of the 2-nd stage of the certification audit. Subsequent reviews must be held between +/-2 months from the date set in the audit report, if scheduled inspection is not conducted within this timeframe, the certificate is suspended.

Re-Certification audit

At the end of the three-year period, the organization informs the certification body “ROST” of the desire to be recertified. This should be done at least three months before the expiry of the certificate of conformity, and not less than 15 days before the deadline to confirm the old certificate of conformity. The process of recertification is similar to the certification audit. According to the results of recertification audit, a new certificate shall be issued for compliance.

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