The health care industry, the purpose of which is to organize and ensure affordable medical care, preservation and increase in its level of health.

The basic principles of health protection of citizens are:

  • the rights of citizens in sphere of health protection and provision associated with these rights the state guarantees;
  • the priority of patient’s interests when providing medical care;
  • the priority of children’s health;
  • social security of citizens in case of health loss;
  • responsibility of bodies of state power and bodies of local self-government, officials of the organizations for ensuring rights of citizens in sphere of health protection;
  • the availability and quality of medical care;
  • inadmissibility of refusal in medical aid;
  • the priority of prevention in the field of health;
  • patient-doctor confidentiality.

Key indicators of financing of the healthcare system in Russia (according to the who report “World health statistics 2010”):

  • Expenditure on health — 4.8 per cent of GDP
  • The share of public expenditure on health is 64,3 % from total amount of expenses
  • The share of private expenditure on health care — 35.7% of total expenditure
  • The total share of public expenditure on health care is 9.2% of the total annual budget of Russia
  • The share of expenditure paid for directly by the population, 81.3% of the amount of private expenditure
  • Total health expenditure per capita — 985 international dollars at purchasing power parity
  • Public expenditure on health per capita — 633 international dollar purchasing power parity
  • Private expenditure on health per capita — 352 international dollar purchasing power parity

At the same time on the efficiency of investment in the development of health care in Russia is on the 35th place of the list of OECD countries – 35 place (third place from the end). Indicators of rating calculated by the formula: GDP per one hour worked, in 2011 $. Source: McKinsey Global Institute.

Considering that used equipment of Russian medical organizations and foreign similar, and the qualifications of workers in General, it is possible to conclude that the lack of effectiveness of management systems in Russian organizations.

Realizing and accepting that Russia’s leadership supports and encourages initiatives for the application of modern management methods:

Vladimir Putin: “… I Believe that we need to build a clear, understandable, and effective system of quality management of medical care…”
Resolution of the government of the Russian Federation of 15.04.2014 No. 294. On approval of the state program of the Russian Federation “Development of health”. Tselevoi indicator subprogramme “development Management industry”: the number of the MO implemented the quality management system by 2020 Should reach 95%.
To achieve this objective, the employees “GROWTH” is ready to offer medical organizations to build a management system and pass the certification audit on the basis of the model outlined in:

  • international standards ISO (international organization for standardization, e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 22000),
  • state and regulatory requirements
  • the standard of OLD (Dental Association of Russia).
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