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The information technology industry engaged in the creation, development and operation of information systems. Information technologies are designed, based and rationally using modern achievements in the field of computer technology and other high technologies, advanced means of communication, software, and practical experience to solve the problem of effective organization of information process to reduce the cost of time, labor, energy and material resources in all spheres of human life and modern society. Information technology interact with and often a part is included in the scope of services, management, industrial, and social processes.

Total revenues 60 largest companies in the industry at the end of 2014 reached 658.7 billion, a nominal increase in comparison with 2013 year by 6%, which is two times less than the rate of inflation and slightly more growth observed a year earlier (about 3%). The first ten the largest companies of the Russian IT industry in 2014, revenues increased by 6.3%. The greatest income gains of the TOP 60 have demonstrated Original Group, EPAM and CTI. All the growth was observed in 44 of the 60 companies represented in the rating. However, the growth rate higher inflation was recorded only in 23 companies from 60.

Having a balanced system it management company will provide stable earnings growth even in a shrinking market. Due to the presence of additional competitive advantages in the form of a certified management system.

For it companies we can offer to build a management system and pass the certification audit on the basis of the model outlined in:

  • international standards ISO 9000 (quality management),
  • standards for information security (ISO 27001),
  • state and regulatory requirements.
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