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Industry solutions

Health care

The development of accessible and quality medical care.

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Food safety in the production, sale and consumption of culinary products.

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Information technology

Quality assurance and information security in the creation and operation of it systems.

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Quality assurance of construction works.

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Lean production.

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Modern education

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Management systems

ISO 9001 — Quality management system

The management model of organization based on the process approach to management

ISO 14000 — Ecological management system

Part of the overall management system, which has a clear organizational structure and aims at the achievement of the provisions specified in the environmental policy by implementing programs for the protection of the environment.

OHSAS 18000 — Professional security and labour protection

The system of preservation of life and health of employees in the workplace, which includes legal, socio-economic, organizational-technical, sanitary-and-hygienic, treatment-and-prophylactic, rehabilitation and other activities.

ISO 22000 — Management system food safety

Ensures the safety of food products from contact with harmful physical, biological and chemical elements. Through the development and implementation of programs of pre-implementation and HACCP plan.

DMS - System of management in dentistry

Designed for healthcare organizations seeking to establish harmonious management system, focusing on international best practices and domestic legislation.

ISO 27001 — Information security

Is a set of methods and measures of protection of organizational assets to ensure their confidentiality, integrity and security.

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